Stay Occupied



Success defined: Working together for a common goal!

In this fractured marketplace of anything goes type housing, Stay Furnished is a breath of fresh air for experienced, passionate hospitality professionals. Stay Furnished is here to help you succeed, when you succeed, we succeed.

Site customers become your customers, and interact with your team direct. There is no middle-man, no white label process. Your efforts reflect your ratings, and convert into your success story.



It’s a new day and somebody is going to book their stay, let it be with the two of us. Stay Furnished would like to collaborate with established professionals who can accommodate our guests with needs in your market. If you want to be part of the best global market presence in the Corporate Housing/Furnished Apartment industry, join Stay today! The process is quick and simple. Best of all, there is no cost to inquire and no cost to join. The only risk involved is your company story not reaching millions. You have nothing to lose! Come be part of the technology that will shape the housing industry forever!


Stay Together